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On this website you can convert and download free mp3 files from practically any YouTube video into your PC.

If you have not yet installed your plugin (addon) for FireFox or Chrome, you can do it below and enjoy the convenience of to convert and download the mp3 file directly from the YouTube site.




...and what it is for?

The YouTube-para-mp3.com is an online service for converting YouTube videos to music files "mp3". Do not worry, it's free. Simply paste your YouTube link in the field above and click on "Download MP3". Each video takes about 3-4 minutes to be converted, however, if another user has already converted, it may not take more than a few mere seconds. By using our own infrastructure, you do not need any software installed, so you can access it from any computer or laptop with any operating system installed. The quality of the mp3 is at least 128 kBit/s (CD quality).

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What are addons?

Addons or "extensions", as are known too, are small applications that can be installed on the user's browser.

Our system has two types of Addons: one for the Mozilla FireFox browser and one for the Google Chrome browser.

If you use any of these browsers, install now our addon and convert YouTube videos directly on the video page of YouTube.com!

See the image below for a preview of how the link to download the mp3 audio file appear on the YouTube video page when you install the addon (click to enlarge):

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